Saturday, June 20, 2015

Level One Finish Line

As  I work on my projects, and realize that I might actually have 10 projects to turn in by the end of July (edit. This didn't happen), I'm looking back at the Registry Book and realizing that there is a section on the Project Review Pages for the artist to tell the evaluators a little about the piece(s). It actually says "Anything we should know about this work? (Optional)" All this time I thought we would have to 'defend' our work in the same or similar way that a graduate student defends their thesis. It's optional? Really? I would think that explaining your process would be really valuable information to include. The Review Pages were sent as a .pdf so they are not editable (that I know of), and the area given to write is very small, especially when you compare it to the area that the evaluators are given to make notes. So I just e-mailed Abby Johnston to see if the pages were available in a word document. I'll let you know what she replies.

So far I've completed A2, A6, B1, B6, D2, D3, and E6. And I know what I'll do for C2 and A3, so I'll need to get crackin' on another Materials project and a Miscellaneous project. I'm sending A3 as a back up, and would like to send a couple more. I know - There's not a 'most dreaded' or one of the Candidate's Choice projects in that list. I guess that's what I'll work on figuring out.

If you remember my plan is to submit one thing I really don't want to do and one Candidates Choice for each level so that I won't be bombarded by negative projects at the end of the process.